As a research fellow at the University of Bristol, my focus is on the use of digital 3D technologies within archives & cultural heritage collections. This might be building Virtual Reality environments for museums, laser scanning abandoned sites or 3D printing artefacts.

My projects involve using digital technologies to respond to, and to disrupt, places. In some ways this is a natural extension of my own hauntological art practice, but it’s also very much coproduction.

I tend to work with small groups to produce impossible things. Recent projects have included building future cities, making immersive 360 videos and mixing together locative soundscapes.

Some workshops have been tied to particular grants, often from the Wellcome Trust or the Arts & Humanities Research Council and others are just for fun.

My current project is an AHRC-funded fellowship to build a (virtual) space to house an archive of oral history recordings. This project is coproduced with a group of my fellow autistic creatives.

My last project was also AHRC-funded and involved the development of a permanent, virtual museum for the University of Bristol. The Uncertain Space is now open for business and is being used to showcase collections & archives. The Uncertain Space was coproduced with a group of secondary school students from the South West.

If you’d like to discuss hosting a real world workshop, or developing an online session, please get in touch.

Image credit Jon Rowley